[Translation] The Sweets Event from the Naruto mobile game!

This isn’t a fic or art, but it’s a White Day event from the Naruto mobile game! It has the Japanese fandom in a tizzy, so I decided to translate and keep the screenshots for posterity.

Disclaimer: I’m an amateur translator, so I am extremely prone to mistakes. Be kind if you notice something wrong!

Collectible Character Description

An Iruka who understands Naruto well and watches over his growth. Today they are making sweets together for the people who supported (Naruto). As a Ninja Academy teacher, (Iruka) has an established reputation for passion and guidance, but what about the true power of his cooking…?

Scene 1

K: Iruka-sensei, if I could consult you for a bit…
K: Oh, Naruto, what are you doing here…? Wait, why are you dressed like that. Iruka-sensei also…
I: Kakashi-san!? Eh, this is…
K: Vale(ntine)…? What’s that?

Scene 2

I: It’s an important (event), so would Kakashi-san be willing to make (cupcakes) together with us?
K: Sweets, right…?
I: You seem rather reluctant, don’t you?
K: It’s nothing like that? I just don’t really (like) eating sweet stuff.

Scene 3

I: Kakashi-san, that pot, what are you…
K: Maa, maa. I can make a delicious miso soup, so just wait.
K: If we’re making delicious food, a hidden flavour is required, no? A suitable flavour would be, something that comes out when the raw umami is shown off, ne?

Battle Scene 1

I: Kakashi-san! Stop being so laid-back and just drinking your miso soup, please stop Naruto…!

Scene 4

I: (Wait,) Kakashi-san, what are you doing?
K: … salting the fish?
I: No, why are you baking the fish!
K: When you talk about miso soup, grilled fish is a must, no?

Battle Scene 2

I: We’re making cupcakes right now! A balanced breakfast is important, but ramen is not included in that!

Scene 5

(I’m missing a screenshot here, so I’m paraphrasing from what I remember)

I: You ought to put something on top of the cupcakes. Maybe something you like…?
K: The dolphin symbol on Iruka-sensei’s apron, isn’t that good?
K: That’s right. Dolphin. (Your first and last) names are (related), isn’t it easy to understand?
I: Kakashi-san too, is a scarecrow right? That is, in a field…


IMPLICATIONS (at least according to the Japanese fanbase)

  1. Despite not liking sweet things, Kakashi is sticking around in his own way.
  2. Kakashi is so familiar with Iruka so as to start pulling out pots and ingredients to cook from Iruka’s kitchen.
  3. Iruka doesn’t seem affronted - he’s more annoyed that Kakashi is making miso soup and grilled fish (probably saury) when they’re making cupcakes.
  4. They’re bickering, as usual.
  5. Some of the fans find the way Kakashi says “Iruka” without the honorifics really forward, even though he probably actually is referring to “dolphin” as the meaning of Iruka’s name. If viewed out of context he could be addressing Iruka so familiarly…

There are plenty more screenshots of the game out there on twitter, so if you find any maybe pass it along and I’ll try slotting it in.


Bonus running baker Iruka!

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Oooo, thank you so much for posting this! I saw some text posts on tumblr referring to this, and was so, so confused about what was going on. :smiley:

Salting the fish, lmao Kakashi. Two dads and their son indeed.

Also, :ok_hand: Japanese fanbase, I wholeheartedly agree.

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Also… “consulting”. Aha. Right. :joy:

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You’re a legend! I saw bits and pieces translated on twitter and discord, but not all together or in order, and it was a little confusing having it all over the place; so thank you for doing this :kissing_heart::heart: Also, from what I’ve seen circulating, your translation seems spot on :heart:

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@artsies two dads and their son in a kitchen. i’m sure kakashi had a lot of consulting to do waggles eyebrows

@kakairu-shrine thanks madison! i figured that if the translations were on twitter/discord it would eventually be lost to time and history. though so far I think it’s been only me who’s been translating things - I just revise it on every platform hahaha…

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