[Translation] The Battle for the Bells! by becha (@child0622)

Shinobi will be shinobi! Who’s up for a sparring match?



I used some liberty in translating to make it sound smoother! Not a 100% match as usual.

K: Iruka-sensei, let’s play the bell game!
I: The bell game?
K: The one that Naruto and the rest did, only we’'ll have to take the bell from each other.
I: Oh, like that! Sounds good! My body could use the workout. [1]
K: If I win, please listen to what I have to ask of you, alright??

Both: Get set… go!
I: thinking The first to strike is sure to win!
K: Ninpo… shadow clone jutsu!
I: restrained by shadow clones !? Ah!!

I: Dammit! This is unfair!!
K: Fufu… I can’t lose this match after all! <3 Now then, I’ll be taking your bell…
I: Kai!!! substitution jutsu! Fu… You’ll regret underestimating me… Sen! [2]
K: !? The solid binding jutsu!? [3]
I: winks …maa, just in case. I’m a chuunin after all.
K: …!!!

I: aiming for the bell Well then, please forgive my intrusion~!
K: sharingan activates
I: Ha? The Shari…?
K: thinking Iruka-sensei, sorry!!
I: No, this is cheating isn’t it…!!! [4]

I: thinking angerily This damn jounin…!!
K: Eh? gets kissed Eh???

K: Wha -
I: holding up Kakashi’s bell Caught you off guard <3 [5]
K: What. Ah!!!
I: Yeah!!! I won over a jounin!!
K: That was unfair, Iruka-sensei!
I: Said by a person who used the Sharingan… [6]

Translation notes:
[1] This phrase translated is literally “my body got weakened so…” but it doesn’t sound as good in English. The implicit meaning is his body could use some exercise to make it stronger.
[2] This kanji translated literally is “wrap!” But I decided to keep the japanese sound to make it clear that it’s the activation of a jutsu. The kanji has several readings, but i thought “ten” might confuse people.
[3] I don’t think this is a canon jutsu! But the kanji is “kin” for solid, and “ten” for wrap. Think solid strings as you can see in the comic.
[4] No translation notes, just want to say this face gives me life
[5] Literally “there’s a chink in the armour”
[6] Translated more literally as “what is a person who used the Sharingan saying…”, so decided to swap it around.

This was a fun one to translate! When I saw it I knew I’d have fun with it.

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Hehe, this is a very fun comic! But do we know what Kakashi wanted to get out of the deal? :thinking:

It’s not explicitly said, but I wager he wanted a date out of all this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: