[Translation] Drunk Principal and Retired Rokudaime

A lovely short comic where a drunk Iruka confesses to Kakashi, asking him to be his lover… only to get rejected by Kakashi as Iruka is already married?

Married to Kakashi, that is.

Short and sweet. Read it here on pixiv!


This art is so cute, it makes me weak. Pixiv doesn’t have the embed function like twitter does, so you’ll have to bear switching tabs just for the translation!!

I: I like you.

[Kakashi looks surprised.]

I: red-faced, obviously drunk Kakashi-san, please become my lover!

K: You’re drunk, aren’t you, sensei?

I: Not drunk!

K: I mean, look there. points at Iruka’s wedding ring You can’t say things like that, sensei. You already have an important person, don’t you?

[A pause, before tears start rolling down Iruka’s cheeks]

K: reaches out to gently touch his chin Don’t cry, sensei.

I: I… gave up, didn’t I?

K: Why do you think so? You could have met a better person, no? At least, from what I’ve seen, you look happy.

I: grabbing onto Kakashi’s hand That can’t be true! After all…

I: I like you! Long before this, always, always… I, by myself, couldn’t hold you.[1] I… I, my feelings for you —! [2]

K: I’m sorry, sensei.

K: holding Iruka’s hand, with his own wedding ring in plain sight You said such a cute thing, I couldn’t help being a bit mean. I also like you, sensei. We’re already married, so please don’t talk about divorcing, hm?

[*Kakashi leans in for a kiss. Iruka is still very much confused.]

I: Eh?

[1] God, this was hard to translate. I need so much help. I have no idea what 抱えきれないくらい could mean outside of being unable to embrace something. I did some assuming from the context clues of Iruka claiming he must have given up, and so ended up with this.
[2] To be honest, this was more I, I, about you - but it looked slightly weird to read in English hahah…


Aww, poor Iruka has no idea what’s going on! I wonder how many times he has done this to Kakashi, and tried asking him out while drinking… XD

Thank you for doing another translation - you’re doing such a great job :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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Aaaah, what a great thing! So cute! Thank you for sharing this! :heart:

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