[Translation] Art by @chun18r

Context: A comic of Kakashi who heard the rumour of a bastard who doesn’t pay back his loans and the guarantor who paid up for him, and the teacher who knew the trashiness of the debtor and still became their guarantor nonetheless.

I: What will you do from now?
K: Did you know? You were sold. That guy’s famous for not returning the money he borrowed.
I: I didn’t think he was that sort of person.
K: Really? But sensei, didn’t you become his guarantor despite actually knowing (how he is)? Are you intervening on his behalf…?
I: …
K: I can deceive you, if you want.
I: !
K: In return, you’ll be my toy, and mine only. Look at me only.

I’ve been digging up some old stuff I translated over on the discord server and posting them up here. This one was hard though… I think I definitely missed a thing or two.