Tobirama x Iruka

I hadn’t even entertained a thought of this pairing until I was looking through Iruka’s tag on AO3, and wound up reading “atom to atom (can you feel it on me, love?)”. I was a goner for this ship from that moment on :heart_eyes: Something about their dynamic, their very different personalities and lives, is so damn interesting to ponder and explore in art and fanfic~ :heart::heart: Plus, when it comes to time-travel shenanigans, that is my jimmy jam, so count me in. I hope to write some works for them in the future, and get more content in their AO3 because it is distressingly lacking much content, though what content it DOES have is very good and I couldn’t be more thankful for that :pray: dahtwitchi’s series Return of the Nidaime, a comic series, is fantastic, and if you’re interested in this pair I highly recommend it!


I’ve definitely read dahtwitchi’s series, and look forward to its updates! i can’t say i’m 100% enthusiastic about the pairing, but you certainly are right about what content is there is very good!


Oh man I just red through the comics they’re really good and I love their style.


Right??? I love their style and they, more than anyone, sold me on the ship :heart_eyes:


I read the comics a while back and re-read them the other day and I must say - I like the pairing. It’s not my favourite Iruka/Silverhaired Kage but it’s a nice break.

Just…did I miss a chapter or is the ending of „the return of the Nidaime“ not there yet?

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My god I didn’t need another ship in my armada but I’ll be damned if it’s not there now. :joy::joy: