The World of Pokemon

In a Pokemon AU, what Pokemon/ types of Pokemon do you think Kakashi & Iruka would have on their teams?

I’ve been thinking, and I imagine Iruka with a very faithful Flareon following him around. Their cuteness together might make other trainers think they’ll easily win in a battle; but little do they know both Flareon and Iruka have very strong inner flames :fire:

As for Kakashi, well, I think it’s safe to say his entire team would be full of dog Pokemon XD Ooh, and at home he has a grass Pokemon named Ukki-san :sunflower: I picture a Sunflora, but any Pokemon that resembles a plant would work!

One other question…

In the Pokemon world, what do you think Kakashi & Iruka would do? Would they be trainers striving for greatness/ travelling the world, gym leaders, or something else?

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A faithful Flareon certainly fits Iruka! Those hot burning flames!! I also think if Iruka is a teacher / mentor of sorts, his raising of an Eevee would make him understand the potential within them - that it may be unclear then but there’s always the right stone to point the path, if you get what I mean - and that it’s the same for his students :grin:

Also all the dog pokemons I agree! As many as he could have - off the top of my head, there’s Arcanine, Houndoom, Granbull, Mightyena, Stoutland, Manectric… I’m sure there’s plenty more, he has many to choose from. It’s a shame there isn’t a pug-based pokemon for Pakkun to be… And a Ukki-san flourishing at home! That’s such a lovely image.

I’m inclined to think that Kakashi would be an ace trainer. He might settle down as a gym leader some day (after plenty of arguing with the gym authorities that look, dog pokemons are an acceptable theme for pokemon, it’s variety that matters), but at this moment he wants to wander and meet all kinds of people and pokemon - not everyone would search out a gym leader to battle them, but he can approach and fight anyone he wants!

I’m weak to the idea of Iruka being part of a daycare center (the thought of all the baby pokemons tumbling around at his feet and climbing up his apron is just… chef’s kiss) but I also like the idea of him being a Move Tutor :grin: I know Move Tutors in game are just some random old men sitting about being whack (your Pokemon learnt this move (again)!) but the mental image of Iruka coaching the Pokemon through its moves (especially the flame ones) is pretty cute too… It also means that if you engage him in an actual battle, his pokemon tend to have their natural leveled moves rather than the TM ones.

That’s my (rushed) take on kakairu in the pokemon world!

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Nooo, don’t give me more fic ideas - I already have enough of them! XD
Really, though, I love these headcannons :heart::two_hearts:

I could see Iruka using Eevee & its evolutions (or as I like to call them, eeveelutions :wink: ) as a metaphor for a lot of life teachings.

I think Kakashi would be strong enough to face the Elite Four (which I just had a thought that it could include, or once included Tsunade, Orochimaru, & Jiraiya); but I think Naruto would be more inclined to strive for being the Champion than him XD I like your suggestion of Kakashi as ace trainer - it suits him, I think :blush:

Aaahhh Iruka running Pokemon daycare! That gives me such soft, fluffy feels, and the cutest image in my mind (that I kinda want to draw lol)! :heart::two_hearts: And Kakashi is very much attracted to the cuteness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Iruka as a Move Tutor omg - I had an image of Kakashi going off on his travels & coming across him. Iruka is really talented and can teach Pokemon so many moves - even some that are unusual for the type; and Kakashi takes it as a challenge to see how many moves Iruka can teach his dogs. Over time, he becomes almost tempted to catch all the dog Pokemon in the area just so he has an excuse to see Iruka; but Iruka gets the hint after the 3rd Poochyena in a week he’s been asked to teach moves to XD Also, when Iruka has one on one time with Kakashi’s Pokemon, Kakashi becomes jealous because they’re stealing all his Iruka time hehe But at least he gets to watch him in his element all day!

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I might already have a rough sketch done of Pokemon daycare Iruka :eyes: Am hoping to have the final copy ready by the end of the week!

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