TenIru or YamaIru, anyone?

I don’t even know how I got into this pairing. I blame a variety of people who made me appreciate Tenzou, and then I was like eh he’ll get along well with Iruka, and then now I’m in this mess. adfksjals;df

I guess I’m just fond of how Tenzou is just serious with a dash of opportunistic mischief (with his ghoul face) and Iruka is similar, in a way! And the juxtaposition of someone with little connections to the village (until Kakashi and Naruto and the lot) and someone who’s in the midst of the social network (though I’m not sure how much I subscribe to this headcanon that holding two jobs and being at the mission desk means an actual network in place, since that’s not much time to network at all, anyway - ) is also lovely.

a primer to get people interested in this ship, if anyone is!

  • beneath the sun by panda_shi and sub_textual (complete, novel length, nsfw)

I legitimately consider this the best fic to read within the pairing. fuckbuddies to falling in love, isn’t that a classic? the authors have also written for kkir. Includes an ongoing sequel that is currently promising to rip my heart out.

Iruka and Yamato share a couple of things, of which being rejected by Kakashi is included. Hopefully Kakashi pulls his head out of his ass at some point, but I don’t mind if he doesn’t tbh

  • Sorrow by panda_shi (complete, nsfw and major character death)

One of them dies, and the other is left to deal with the grief. The events they went through before the death though… tragic, in the best way.

BUT! usually this pairing is found alongside kkir, so here are some kakairuten recs

Iruka persuades the other two (in sexy ways) to have a threesome. Iruka succeeds.

An AU where instead of being an Academy teacher, Iruka decides to join Konoha’s geisha network. (contains Itachi/Shisui, if you don’t like that pairing)

An ABO AU where Tenzou is a late blooming alpha navigating his relationship with Kakashi and Iruka. Mpreg (as usual) included.

I could probably find art too, but now that I think about it (at 4 am) no one prolly is gonna read this post for a rec list ahahaha. But since I’ve come this far…

Hope someone likes yamairu as much as i do, out there!

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Ohh, I really like this ship! I must confess I’m not too fond of Yamato (I find him kind of boring tbh I’M SORRY YAM), but they make a cute couple. It’s like… they’re super vanilla in my mind lmao. They can be playful, but to me they’re like the most chill, unproblematic duo ever.

There’s a YamaIru doujinshi on pixiv! It’s complete and super cute (a little nsfw). Yamato and Iruka meet when they’re young and they’ve been boyfriends since then. You can find it here by わだち (and this is their twitter account, they have a few YamaIru fanarts there as well!)

I’ve seen a lot of drawings of them, but I don’t have all the links TT. There was an amazing artist called Graf who did a lot of YamaIru drawings but she deleted her site years ago. I have most of them saved, but I don’t know if I should post them here. Maybe I could make a driver or something so you guys can see them?

My OT3 is Kakashi/Iruka/Yamato, their dynamic is just too good! The first fanfic I read about them was “Keeper” by Serani. It’s still one of my favorites :heart: ゾン did a doujinshi with KakaIruYama, the cover image it’s simply adorable! It’s nsfw with mpreg. You can see it here. There’s only a sample page with bits of the doujinshi but it looks amazing. I’m so tempted to buy this one, the art style is perfect :heart_eyes:

They look like drinking buddies, that’s it! Chill and unproblematic lololol

I’ve seen that doujin, though I didn’t know they have a twitter! That’s another hole to dive down, thanks so much :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I… I would like to see them so much… I’d advise against posting it up though, to respect the artist. Maybe an invite-only driver?

I haven’t read that - just went to read it! Man I really want to go to the event (super weird to read it as Hatake-Umi even though I know it is - prolly - read like that). I want to buy doujins but aaaa the overseas shipping costs kills me…

I do love this ship and find it super sweet and soft~:heart: Especially if Kakashi’s also thrown into the mix, and they’re a loving little shinobi sandwich :pray: