Strays by Santana2

Strays by Santana2 on AO3. This is a personal favourite. Iruka finds a stray dog one day and it ends up changing a lot of things for him.

I know. It’s a vague description but it’s endgame KakaIru and funny.


I love this story :heart_eyes: It’s such a classic Kakairu trope that, after I read this fic for the first time, I went back and found my HALCO doujinshi where Kakashi goes ‘missing’ and Iruka has a Kakashi-esque dog following him around. CLASSIC :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I think I remember reading this! Both humour and a touch of fluff - I can see why it’s a personal fave!

@Narutav also which Halco doujin is this tell meeee

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