Something about Danzo being in charge of Konoha

this is a shot in the dark, but I vaguely remember this fic where shimura danzo came to power in Konoha and then just went around slapping that “choke people when they speak about root” seal onto everyone’s tongues. iruka manages to escape it on account of being warned and being a seals expert (i think?) and he manages to apply it to sakura (and one other person too, prolly)

heck I’m not even sure if it’s kakairu or gen… but I think it’s kakairu.

welp, here goes!

(also i’m so weak for dystopias tbh - ignoring that naruto canon could prolly be a military dystopia of its own. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Pretty sure you’re describing “An Unfree World” Tsunadejr71. I was good friends with her while she was active. Well there are probably a few “Danzo is an asshat Hokage” fics out there but that’s the one I remember vividly and it fits your description almost perfectly. (And it is KakaIru)

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dang it is an Unfree World! thanks a bunch pal - glad i posted it up here. i feel like if i asked this on tumblr it would go into the aether hahah

all those pranks tho 10/10

Oh I agree it’s one of my all time fav stories. And Tsunadejr71 was super awesome, I miss chatting crap with her