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Kakashi se sentia incompleto desde a perda do seu pai, posteriormente seus amigos, sensei.

Os poucos amigos que conquistou em sua vida e até seu time de gennins não foram o suficientes para se tornar inteiro.

Secretamente desejava se sentir inteiro e não quebrado. Por muito tempo acreditou que nunca conseguiria tal façanha.

Até quem um certo chunnin, com uma habilidade surpreendente, conseguiu encaixar todas as peças, até mesmo substituiu algumas que faltavam.

Agora ele era inteiro, completo e devia isso aquele que sempre acreditou em si, que nunca desistiu, nunca cansou.

Esse ser tem nome e sobrenome: Umino Iruka.


Prompt 1: Full

Iruka pushed away the ramen bowl, belly full with a warm meal. He chanced a glance to the side, a small flush taking over his cheeks as he looked over at his companion. He didn’t know why Kakashi kept asking him to these Ichiraku dinners, but he liked it.

“Maa, sensei,” Kakashi stated, “you seem a bit contemplative tonight. Penny for your thoughts?”

Iruka shook his head, a small, soft smile taking over his face.

Outside, it was raining and cold, but inside here, with Kakashi next to him and belly full of Teuchi-san’s ramen it was warm and comforting.


Prompt: Blue

Kakashi liked mornings best. Well, less mornings and more the warm glow right before sunrise when the sun started peeking out over the clouds and the world began to glow with light. The sky wasn’t yet blue, instead covered in the dusky pastels of orange and gray and pink.

He heard movement behind him and smiled recognizing who it was, turning to greet his husband, still groggy from sleep. Iruka settled in beside him on the balcony, leaning against Kakashi’s shoulder. He drew him close, cuddling Iruka.

“Good Moring,” he whispered.

Iruka mumbled against his shoulder. “Coffee first, then talk.”


Prompt 3: Half

A glass half full or a glass half empty.

Iruka wondered just how different Kakashi and him were when he thought about that saying.

He had no doubts that his former partner saw things half empty always and he saw them half full. And wasn’t that just one of many reasons he and Kakashi had parted ways? Kakashi’s view of things, his world view was so dark, so full of despair that Iruka had struggled to make a blip in it.

Still, he thought, smiling ruefully, he supposed he still cared because here he was visiting the man in hospital.


Prompt 1: Full

There’s light dancing on his face, moonbeams trailing down soft cheeks revealing the pain within. He’s beautiful like this, in a lonely and desolate way. Hound’s heart burns in his chest as he watches the boy swipe at his face in frustration.

“My mother used to say tears are just evidence of a heart too full to hold everything you feel,” he says, gazing out at the moon. He doesn’t look at Hound, but there’s no one else he could possibly be speaking to.

Maybe that’s why I don’t cry anymore, Hound thinks flatly. There’s nothing left to spill over.


Prompt 4: Round

Round blue eyes looked up at Kakashi, and he smiled at the child in his arms. Well, baby in his arms, a baby he had never thought he’d be holding, let alone entertaining.

“Ka!” Boruto yelled, one hand reaching for Kakashi’s mask. There was a laugh next to Kakashi before his lover’s hands pulled questing hands away from his face.

“No, Boruto,” Iruka stated leaning closer to the baby in Kakashi’s arms, “we don’t pull Kaka Jiji’s mask.”

Kakashi made a face at the name Iruka gave him, but found his momentary ire fading at the happiness in Iruka’s eyes.


Prompt 2: Blue

“Do those blues even fit you?”

Hound’s ears prick at the mocking words, his gaze sliding over to where two shinobi stand in line outside a full ramen stand. One is a familiar figure.

“Shut up, Mizuki,” says the familiar-looking one, scrubbing his scarred nose bridge. “I’ll grow into them. Probably.”

The white-haired shinobi wrinkles his nose, snorts in disdain. “Iruka, you’re a chunin now. Just take better paying missions.”

Iruka sighs, plucks the hem of his too-loose shirt. “Old habits die hard.”

Hound, realizing he’s once again allowed this young man to capture his attention, can’t help but agree.


Prompt: Crescent

The crescent moon in the sky mocked Kakashi who stood across from his lover as clouds gathered in the sky, signs of an impending storm. He let chakra gather in his hands as he stared at the man who he had once called home. Iruka’s eyes were now hard and unfriendly.

Then again, what did he expect after leaving the way he had, in the manner that he had.

But Konoha had needed a spy, one who was able to cut off all ties to his former home.

And of course, Sharingan no Kakashi had been perfect for the job.


Prompt 3: Half

“Yo,” Kakashi tosses his mission scroll on the desk, nose buried in a battered, dog-eared copy of Icha-Icha Paradise.

“Thank you for your hard work, Jonin-sa… What. Is. This.”

Kakashi slowly lowers the book, meeting the gaze of one Umino Iruka. “A mission report?”

“Correction,” Iruka says as his glare intensifies. “It’s half a mission report.”

Blithely, Kakashi explains, “My dog ate the other half.”

“…Your. Dog,” Iruka repeats flatly.

Kakashi’s never experienced this much hostility from the mission desk before. Usually clerks are too intimidated to call out his abysmal paperwork. “I can write it over?”

“Thank you, Jonin-san.”


Prompt 4: Round

“Kakashi-san,” Iruka says, flopping on Kakashi’s bench, “I fucked up.”

Kakashi blinks. “Again?” he asks. It’s the wrong thing to say, but Iruka makes him stupid.

Iruka flushes, standing. “Never mind-”

“Wait,” Kakashi grabs him, and whatever Iruka’s carrying hits the ground with a smack. Kakashi stares at it. “What is that?”

“I made rice balls,” Iruka explains, retrieving the round lump. It looks distinctly unappetizing. “For the orphanage picnic.”

“Rice balls?” Kakashi repeats, staring at the definitely singular ball.

“I told you I fucked up!” Iruka protests. “Help me?”

Kakashi’s sure there’s no saving that rice, but he’ll try.


Prompt 7 - Depilação

Kakashi deveria saber. Deveria ter imagino. Afinal, ele era ou não era um prodígio?

Como então, que não percebeu que aquele que deveria amar e receber amor em troca, estava de complô com seu querido amigo (que parecia mais inimigo naquele momento) em um dos desafios propostos por Gai.

Se tivesse percebido, notado os sinais, não estaria naquela situação deveras embaraçosa: sentado em seu sofá, com as calças erguidas até seus joelhos e algumas (muitas) fitas de depilação grudadas em sua perna.

Pelo menos não estava sozinho, Tenzo estava na mesma situação.

Iruka e Gai pagariam caro por aquela humilhação.

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Prompt 5: Crescent

Iruka arranges his paperwork in a crescent shape, plucking from random piles and redistributing them.

Kakashi really shouldn’t be lurking like this, but he’s hoping for the chance to talk with the Academy’s newest teacher.

Iruka sighs, shuffles the papers again, and drops his head to the desk. He mutters something about Genin.

Kakashi realizes that Iruka is selecting Jonin-sensei for his new graduates.

Most of the Academy teachers know better than to assign him a Genin team, but Iruka…

Iruka’s different. Not afraid of Kakashi or his reputation.

He sighs. He’ll need to dig his bells out of storage.


(unrelated to other drabbles)

Prompt: Waxing

Iruka could sense Kakashi snickering in the background, and ignored him as best he could. He did feel a little ridiculous in this costume, but it had worked for him, so maybe it would work for the students who didn’t catch on to the katas as quickly as the others. He had even commissioned a mission to go to a civilian city to… acquire… the materials needed for this extracurricular lesson.

He handed each of the students a rag and a bottle, and directed them to an old car.

“Wax on!” and he mimicked the motion from the classic movie.


Prompt 8 – Gibbous

Iruka gostava de admirar seu companheiro enquanto ele dormia serenamente.

Era uma oportunidade única poder vê-lo sem nenhuma máscara. Figurativa e literalmente falando.

Kakashi era uma incógnita para muitos. Um verdadeiro mistério que muitos queriam desvendar. Mas nem mesmo Iruka, com anos de relacionamento, havia conseguindo desvendar todas as faces do seu amado.

Ele mostrava apenas um parte mínima. Claro que ele já teve acesso a mais do que a maioria das pessoas. Mas mesmo assim.

Kakashi é como a lua, que mostra apenas uma parte sua. Apesar de poder ser vista por todos, permanece misteriosa para alguns.

Exceto, Iruka.

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Prompt: Gibbous

“Iruka-sensei! Iruka-sensei! You’ll never guess what Hirata just told me!”

Trust Naruto to disturb the only quiet he’d had in three weeks.
Iruka looked up from the book he was enjoying while relaxed on the swing on his front porch to see Naruto dragging Hinata behind him.

Actually, Iruka had a fairly good idea of what Hinata had shared, but he wouldn’t burst Naruto’s bubble for the world.

“What is it, Naruto?” he asked while making eye contact with Hinata. Really, it was obvious to anyone who hadn’t been on an extended mission to Kumo and whose name wasn’t “Naruto.”

Also found online:

It is from a Middle English word for “hump-backed” but can also refer to a pregnant belly.


Prompt 8: Gibbous

    1. having the observable illuminated part greater than a semicircle and less than a circle.*

A perfect symbol symbolized many things. To Iruka, it meant that two individuals in a relationship had made that promise, that desire to connect themselves forever in an endless loop that signaled they were two halves of a while.

But a relationship with Kakashi was never whole like that.

Instead, it was him giving his all, and Kakashi giving some. There was no perfect circle, no end to the loop, no merging of halves that Iruka wanted.

Instead, their relationship stopped before completion: a little more than half of the loop formed, the rest waiting for Kakashi to close it.


Prompt 9 - Novo

Quando abriu os olhos naquela manhã, Kakashi sentiu que havia algo diferente em seu ser. Algo novo e não necessariamente bem-vindo, ou esperado.

Esperado talvez fosse, mas não significava que desejava. Não com a vida que levava.

Levantou-se e sem pressa se dirigiu ao banheiro, encarando seu reflexo no espelho.

Mesmo jovem, sentia-se cansado e exausto. Piscou algumas vezes para clarear a mente e quando voltou a encarar seu reflexo, por alguns instantes viu outro rosto ao invés do seu. Alguém mais novo, o que significava que sua alma gêmea havia aparecido.

E ele a conhecia bem.

Era Umino Iruka.

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