Of Naruto & his friends, who is the best parent in Boruto?

If you can’t decide, you can choose more than one!

  • Naruto
  • Hinata
  • Sakura
  • Sasuke
  • Shikamaru
  • Temari
  • Gaara
  • Lee
  • Choji
  • Sai
  • Ino

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That is a tough one! My first thought was Gaara, but we dont know much about him as a parent other than that he adoptet Shinki and sort of cares for him? I feel like most of my view on him as a parent his based on fan art :joy: :joy:
Then I thought Hinata - obviously shes a caring mother and wife (which is great! Dont get me wrong, I just feel like its a waste of her ninja power. I dont think I ever see her going on missions like Temari) and her kids are full of joy (and shit, in her sons case :joy:)
Then I thought Temari; short fuse, yes, yes, BUT she clearly is a devoted mother to Shikadai and where Hinata lacks anything but a basic interesst in her childrens bloodline limits - again, a shame! - she wants him to be a good shinobi and master both Shikamarus shadow jutsu and her wind jutsus. I wonder if she lets him bond with her weasely anytime in the future? Anyway, she played a major role in the war, shes a powerful kunoichi, the daughter of a kage, the sister of another kage and married to a kages advisor. Of course shes very invested in her son becoming a good shinobi, too! She covers it all :star_struck:
The reason I voted for all three of them is that they all had shitty parenting role models and turned out to be good paretns anyway, so its all intrinsic.


I agree this was a tough one, I simply stared at the poll for so long!! I ended up just going with my gut feeling :joy: I just love how the once so broken Gaara and Sai now have families~~~ Also, do I detect another bakapandy reader :joy: I must say, it may have influenced my vote!

I find myself reading and nodding at your post. It really does makes sense. I agree about Hinata too, but I can also understand with Naruto’s work that it might not be an option for her to be away on missions… I would love for her to be too though. She could be training the kids too with her skill level…

I wonder if I can update my vote and add Temari, because you have won me over!!! EDIT I couldn’t :sob:


Yes, me too! Everytime I see Gaara or Sai in a family-y situation, I go awwwwwwwwww. I rewatched the second season of shippuden recently and Sai was so confused and trying to “feel” something so hard. Its so great to now know hes gonna be fine eventually. Just as Gaara.

I didnt think of Hinatas workload with her husband being hokage and I agree with you - taking care of two, later three kids plus her husband kid is a mission blocker. I really dindt think of that. Just…I like the ANBU Hinata idea SO MUCH sigh