Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura vs. all three Sannin: Who would win in a fight?

Let’s assume that everyone on both sides is at their strongest, and each team is working well together. Who would win? :eyes:

  • Team Seven
  • The Legendary Sannin

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I’m gonna go with team Seven. I mean if they’re at their strongest Sasuke will have Rinnegan and Naruto and Kurama combo will be wild. I’m sure Sakura will be throwing some wild punches as well.

This is one fight I’d like to see though!!


Oh yeah, that would definitely be one hell of a fight! It’d basically be a battle to determine whether the old or new sannin were the strongest; and there would be some crazy jutsu fired, and lots of unexpected surprises all around, I reckon! They would definitely have to have the battle far, far away from any villages & civilisation, too.

If they used their summons, I wonder if the toads, slugs, and snakes would be on Team Seven’s side, the Legendary Sannin’s, or if it would be mixed… Or maybe they just wouldn’t get involved at all because they’re too conflicted about who to choose :eyes: :thinking:

There’s so many things to consider for this battle, but overall, it would be epic!


Hmm, I hadn’t thought about the summons, that’s an interesting situation. Either they are left out of the fight or… I think the toads would side with Naruto, the snakes with whoever they think will reward them the best (or maybe that’s just Manda) and Katsuyuu I have absolutely no clue :thinking:

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You might be right there. If summons were used, since Katsuyu’s body can split into smaller slugs, I’m thinking maybe Tsunade and Sakura would both get a giant slug to work with?
Unless it was whoever summoned Katsuyu first?

And if that were the case, I’d probably say Sakura would get the summons, because knowing her, she would want to use Katsuyu asap to help protect her teammates - especially Sasuke XD