My KakaIru Zine arrived!

Need to scream in here also cos look! It me!!


How exciting! :heart_eyes:
It seems like everybody is getting their zines except me - and I was one of the people who worked on it, as a guest contributor, as you know! :sweat_smile: I just checked, and mine is actually still in the US - in LA atm. But that doesn’t really surprise me - overseas shipping generally is a little slow for me. At least I’ve got the PDF for now!

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I’ve got the PDF but I’m holding off on reading it so I can enjoy the full print copy! I can’t wait to open it up, sit down with a cup of hot milk and read through and appreciate everything in full HD!!

But that is so cool to see your own name in print!!! This zine seems like a roaring success :smiley:

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Contribs and customers were sent at the same time, so it’s just luck of the draw with how quickly they arrive :frowning: we’re at the mercy of the postal service, I’m afraid. Afaik, no Aussie folks have had theirs yet, but hopefully it’ll be soon! :heartpulse:

I hope you’ll enjoy it when it arrives! It’s rather beautiful irl! It is! We had 151 orders before closing preorders, which is amazing!