Music that inspires you?

What songs or playlists give you the shipping feels? Especially those that regardless of place or time make you go :exclamation: :musical_note:

Mine are:
Daft Punk - Something about us
Halott Pénz - Hajtól szívig

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I have a very odd mixture of songs on a playlist I made specifically for writing fics lol I’m very music-oriented, and I’ve found that when I’m writing specific scenes/ genres, if I listen to songs that fit the mood I’m writing for, my writing and ideas become so much better.

BUT there are two songs that give me feels no matter what, and they are:

Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira

I knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

Oh, I haven’t listened to the Shakira song in such a long time! But I can totally see what you mean! I don’t know the other one, but I’ll give it a listen! :headphones:

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Oh man I love savage garden. My dad was a big fan when they were big so they were always playing in our house.

I have a really varied taste in music, I predominantly listen to rock and metal type stuff but I also really enjoy lots of other genres (from electro swing to classical to bubblegum Pop) it just kinda depends on my mood. My main influence music wise is Muse (I’ve written a few fics based around their music) but at the moment when I’m writing I listen to video game remixes because gaming is as big a part of my life as writing is.
My current fav one to listen to is this:

Which is a remix of Toriel’s battle theme from Undertale, it’s a beautiful piece and it strikes a lot of chords with the way I write the boys (especially Iruka) because they don’t fight because they want to, they’re fighting to protect others. (I can’t believe I just compared Iruka to Goat-mom Facepalm)

Wow… I rambled a bit there… Sorry I love my music and I love being able to just gush over things I enjoy. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Savage Garden is Mum’s absolute favourite band, so I grew up listening to them playing, too lol

Oh? What rock/ metal bands do you listen to? My main taste is punk rock, light metal, a little screamo; and a lot of my Kakashi angst feels come when I listen to those genres.

The bands I’ve been listening to most lately are Falling in Reverse, A Day to Remember, and Avenged Sevenfold; and my top songs from these bands atm are Hanging On (Falling in Reverse), Life @ 11 (ADTR), and Sidewinder (a7x).

Although I like other genres, too, I find that listening to louder songs helps me concentrate better; so I tend to listen to them more when I want to get a lot of writing done.

Oh my god, that music you linked is really good! I could listen to that guitar for hours!

IKR RichardEB’s remixes are so damn good. If you liked that one I highly recommend checking out the rest of the Undertale album he put together. Also a big sucker for his version of megalovania.

As for bands I already said I was a big fan of Muse, I also like Avenged Sevenfold (A little piece of heaven is my fav because I’m weird). I’m also into Queens of the Stone age, SOAD, Foo Fighters, Tenacious D (When I’m in a cracky mood). Also as I’m British I’m into a lot of the Brit indie scene Royal Blood, Oasis, Gorillas, Coldplay etc.

I listen to so much more though lol. Like I said my taste is really varied. I feel like I’m showing my age with a lot of the bands I mentioned.

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That’s a lot of nice music! I’ll go slowly through those songs.
I like all kinds of music. As for inspiration when writing, what inspires me is not the lyrics, but the music. It sets the mood for writing. So the songs that I consider shippy probably don’t inspire the same in other people. I also like classical music and movie soundtracks. The soundtracks are my main source of musical inspiration and mood.
To choose just a few of my favorite inspirational music:
Max Richter - The trees
Calexico - Para
Depeche Mode - Newborn

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@LadySmaell man undertale music is just quality!! i usually use the Determination album by RichardEB and Ace Waters to study - like good music yet not too distracting.

There’s so many good recs here, I ought to listen to them all…