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@kaoruhana officially starts as a mod in Oct 2021, but she has already been busy working away with us. She is killing it with Meta Monday, which she has chosen to take on; and has also contributed some amazing event & activity ideas (that we will be sharing in the coming months)!

Kaoru is still finding her way around the forum, herself, but she is resourceful, so when she officially becomes a mod, if you ask her for assistance, she’ll do whatever she can to help!



How long have you been shipping KakaIru?

So, officially I think I’ve been shipping KakaIru for about 2 years now. I did read KakaIru before, but I kind of fell in love with the idea of KakaIru as a ship I could get behind 2 years ago.

What are your favourite tropes to indulge in? Do you have any specific storylines you like within those tropes?

FLUFF! I hoard fluffy stories and love writing fluff! I’m pretty sure people who read my stories at this point know this and actively expect it. Specifically, I love domestic fluff: characters going grocery shopping, doing the laundry, lazing about the house on the couch, cooking, etc. There is just something so wholesome about seeing my favorite characters enjoying their time together like that: down to earth, human, doing normal things that show they care for each other or show two characters in love. (Also, if found family fits in here, I guess that’s a trope I like to indulge in too. Especially when it’s mixed in with domestic fluff stories).

Do you like Kakashi or Iruka more?

This is a hard one. I like Kakashi because there is something about seeing a character who has suffered so much give back and grow into the man he is. But Iruka cares for everyone and is more like me. Honestly, besides the teacher bit, I’m kind of like the parental figure in most of my friend groups, just like Iruka. And then when I let loose, like Iruka, I tend to let very loose. So, I think I like Iruka more because I can relate to him more, and I like how he cares for everyone, how he’ll go extra miles or do extra things for the people he cares about. (Also, just the relationship between Iruka and Naruto…that is so sweet! And how can someone not like Iruka after that?)

Out of your own KakaIru creations, which is your favourite?

Ah! I’m terrible at these questions, because I am my own worst critic. Hmm…let me see. I think my favorite would have to be, and I hope this isn’t cheating, my KakaIru drabble story. It’s drabbles featuring KakaIru in all kinds of settings: canon and AU, crossover, etc. I get prompts from all over: in the comments, from tumblr, from KakaIru events, etc. It’s really fun, and I like to see what the reactions are when people see what I’ve done with the drabble prompt given to me. It gives me the freedom to write a lot of KakaIru, but it also helps me limit myself and not let WIPs get out of hand. (I have a feeling though, that in the next year, when I finish my long slow-burn KakaIru story featuring Yakuza Kakashi and Irezumi master Iruka, that might become my favorite KakaIru. We shall see?)

What is your favourite Ramen flavor?

This one is easy! I’m vegetarian, so that’s the one! I actually don’t really know beyond that because my sister and I make a homemade Indianized version of ramen whenever we’re craving it. We throw in a bunch of veggies, either Maggi Noodles or Rice Ramen (whatever is on hand), and do chili-pepper and ginger paste as a flavoring base. I have pictures I can share sometime if anyone wants to see. (Oh, and sometimes we make baaji (the Indian version of tempura) to to along with it).