Meta Monday: Wrapping Christmas Presents

Is Kakashi, or Iruka better at wrapping Christmas presents?

I think Iruka would be better. Much like when he works in the mission room, he is meticulous with his presentation; and every gift he wraps has to look good. He wants the recipient to feel special when they get their gift, even if it is only something small.

As for Kakashi, I think he does a decent job at it, but he doesn’t really care that much or put too much effort into it - it’s not about how it looks, it’s about what’s inside, he thinks. But he will always go out of his way to make Iruka’s look nice, because he knows how much he likes it :heart: :two_hearts:

What do you think?


i agree that iruka wraps his presents well for most people! but when they’re presents to kotetsu and izumo, that’s an entirely different matter.

I feel like he might just be enough of a prankster to be an absolute bastard at wrapping — like, wrapping twenty layers of wrapping paper over a misshapen bundle that you can’t possibly tell what is within. wrapping things with fuinjutsu seals that requires you to poke at a certain spot to reveal another fuinjutsu seal. wrapping things with ninja bandages to be a dick.

or, wrapping things to make it look like something different, like the current tiktok trend :smiley:

as for kakashi, he might challenge gai to a present-wrapping competition (good thing the sharingan could memorise which present is in which package, eh? - so that he doesn’t have to do the bulk of the work. but he’ll make an effort to wrap iruka’s himself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh I really love that idea! Iruka definitely has the potential to make present unwrapping very difficult with all his seals knowledge! And ooh, you just gave me another idea. What if at the end of the year, he teaches a special seals class at the academy, and as a reward for completing the course, he gives his students presents that they have to use seals to get to.

Or even a class secret santa (maybe he provides a small gift, himself, in case there’s students who can’t afford to participate in a secret santa), and all the students have to use seals in their wrapping, for practice. The seals course is non-compulsory, but everyone goes, because it’s one of the best parts of the year. Or maybe it is a compulsory course, but going back to the first idea, maybe the exam is just unwrapping their present?

I never considered a present wrapping competition before, but that’s an interesting idea! They would have to make some rules though, like even number of presents or something, because I could totally picture Kakashi saying “you do the ones you bought, I’ll do mine”, and Gai would have probably bought significantly more presents than Kakashi XD Ooh, what if they did the competition for the Konoha Santa Service?

Like, imagine there’s a volunteer group that’s been collecting presents throughout the year for children in the orphanage, and the ones who are living alone; and they host a present wrapping event in the street (like those food eating competitions).

The volunteers used to just do it themselves where their base is, because someone has to wrap the presents; but now it’s a full-blown competition between Kakashi & Gai, and they do it down town because everyone wants to see them since they’ve never seen someone wrap presents so fast before. Bonus points for them dressing up as elves or something, too XD

Thanks, Rika - guess who wants to write these even though she’s already got a lot of stuff she’s gotta do right now :sweat_smile: :joy:

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