Meta Monday: Whos' better at Countryside life?

Who’s better at adjusting to life in the countryside?

When I first thought of this, my immediate answer was Kakashi of course! It’s probably because I have wip where Iruka is a city dweller who has to move to the country. But, then I got to thinking about it, and talking it over with my sister, and I realized it might actually be the opposite.

Iruka would definitely be able to adjust to the Countryside lifestyle more. He’s more friendly and easy-going so he could fit in with the locals, helping them out with tasks, teaching, etc. As for Kakashi, he might be a little too high-maintenance and adjusted to the city lifestyle. He’ll be used to a fast paced life where he can get food anytime and can stay up late. He’s also not exactly the friendliest person so any countryside neighbors might take a while to warm up to him.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on who would be able to adjust to countryside life better?

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