Meta Monday: Who would be more prepared for a work week?

Meta Monday: Who would be more prepared for a work week?

It’s almost Monday for me, which means it’s almost time to start the week again and make sure I have all my meal prep and clothing prep and everything prep done. Which led me to wonder: who would do the same things in between Kakashi and Iruka?

I think it would be Kakashi. Poor Iruka to me always seems too stressed to be able to do more than grab a granola bar on his way out the door. He wouldn’t have time to think of lunch, let alone plan anything more than “what’s the easiest thing to eat” for dinner.

Kakashi on the other hand, especially after he becomes Hokage, would take time to prepare things, I think. I think he would try to go grocery shopping every weekend and plan dinners ahead of time to try to make Iruka and his lives simpler. Perhaps it’s something as simple as baking something for breakfast (like muffins or breads) or even just chopping veggies and leaving them in tupperware.

What do you think? Who would be more prepared for the work week?

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Teachers who aren’t prepared don’t survive long. Iruka might not make meals and do laundry, but it’s because he’s prepping a d adjusting lessons, handouts, tests, and marking.

Plus, why does he need to do meal prep if he’s got Kakashi? :wink:


Sorry I’m a bit late in replying, but you are right about unprepared teachers! Definitely agree with you there!

@mt_nikolle Exactly what I am thinking! Iruka might be not that good at the domestic stuff, but he is always on a schedule, has lists for everything and he follows both meticulous.

Kakashi proably wakes up on monday and doesnt even know what day it is