Meta Monday: Who would be in the Student Council at school?

We are back with another set of Meta Monday! Last month, we explored the topic of “Differences” and now that we’re in October, we have five new Meta Mondays on another theme! This Month’s Meta Mondays are on the theme “High School AU.”

To start off October’s Meta Mondays, the first question I have is: Who would be in the Student Council at School?

I think the answer for me would be Iruka. He’s just always so efficient and competent that I think he’d be elected the class rep. And from there someone would suggest he join the Student Council because he would help it be organized, and next thing you know Iruka has it running exactly how he wants it, the Student Council is popular, and they actually get stuff done!

That said, I think Kakashi might be in it too, but he gets roped in on accident. And Iruka forces him to work to keep his position.

But what do you all think?


I can definitely see Iruka on student council, for exactly the reasons you named. He’s also very involved in things, so I think he would go for it.

Kakashi on the other hand, I don’t see joining up. He might get roped into helping with some events, but I don’t think he’d make a commitment to it.


Oooh! I can definitely see Iruka as a dedicated council member, and probably (definitely) the president of the student council as well.

Kakashi on the other hand… I think maybe in middle school he would be involved with extracurriculars but by highschool I see him more as a slacker who just so happens to be top of the class. And I think that would drive Iruka crazy. Because Iruka puts effort into everything to keep that perfect balance of grades and keeping the council running and Kakashi just gets to coast and occasionally get to trouble while still maintaining a perfect grade average.

I can see them starting out at odds with eachother, with Kakashi knowing how to rile Iruka up. Then eventually getting roped into each others worlds with detentions and council activities.


I think I’m somewhat with you… Iruka would be the one in there doing the job he needs to do, while Kakashi somehow got volunteered and just kind of is a figurehead for it.

The story I can see is maybe Kakashi gets set as the Class President because he has the highest grades in the class, but Iruka is the one in there doing all the hard work.


YES YES!!! I 100% agree with this…It’s like ypu literally saw into my mind about what I would write in my high school AU!

And welcome to the forum! I’m so glad you’re able to share your thoughts and headcanons with us!