Meta Monday: Who watches more cooking shows on T.V.?

Who watches more cooking shows on T.V.?

So, to preface this, I came up with this question while watching GBBO. And then I thought, who’d be the one watching religiously, and who’d be the one sighing and using that time to get other stuff done?

I recently read somewhere that Kishimoto had described Kakashi as domestic and well, coupled with the fact that Iruka is bad in the kitchen, I now headcanon that Kakashi is a great cook in hiding. So, that means he is the one who binge watches cooking shows, jotting down recipe ideas, copying things down and making them to eat. Of course, no one knows this but Iruka who doesn’t complain because it means he gets to eat more yummy food made by Kakashi.

And he also likes snuggling up to Kakashi on the couch as they watch these shows.

But what do y’all think?