META MONDAY: Who plays what instrument in a band?

Hello all! Mod @kaoruhana here again! :wave:
I’m sorry this Meta Monday is late. I’ve been travelling internationally and in between jet lag, me being overambitious about internet, etc. I’ve been a bit too busy/ unable to post this Meta Monday until today.

That all said, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks already since our last Meta Monday, and it’s time for another one!

As you all may have noticed, we’ve tried to keep the Meta Mondays themed! So, for the next few Meta Mondays we’re going with the theme of music!

And in keeping with that, this week’s question is: Who would play what instrument in a band?

This is a hard one for me. So, I’ve decided to let loose on my headcanon train and see what I can come up with.

Iruka: I thought about it, and realized I like Iruka either being a singer/songwriter guitar player. That’s it. But you can’t really have those in a band. Which leaves me with the thought that Iruka wouldn’t play an instrument in a band but would be the vocalist instead. And his voice would be just the thing to get people interested enough in the band to pay attention, while the musicians with him keep them as lifelong fans.

Kakashi: I just get this rockstar vibe from Kakashi. And by that, I mean, Kakashi will know his way around guitars: electric and non-electric. (I don’t by any means know anything about musical instruments so bear with me). Kakashi’s guitar skills would be legendary and electrifying to the point he’s known as a master of his craft and people flock to be taught by him. They constantly cover his songs as well.

BUT, these are just my thoughts. What do you all think?