Meta Monday: Who own the most medals?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! This month, we’ll be dealing with Olympic Sports! Over the course of the next four weeks, let’s talk about all our Olympic Sports headcanons for KKIR!

We’ve already discussed what sports Kakashi and Iruka would play in the Winter and Summer Olympics. So now, comes the next question:

Who owns the most medals?

For me, it’s Kakashi. Not because Iruka isn’t talented or a prodigy and a hard worker in his own right, I just think Kakashi fits that type of person whose drive and focus have been winning medals and beating records. So for him, winning medals is something he has to do and something that he can’t give up. Does this mean he has an impressive array of gold medals? You bet he does.

But what are y’alls thougths? Who has more medals?