META MONDAY: Who is most likely to live off Instant things?

Here we go with the last of our August Meta Mondays on the theme of Modern AU. Thanks for participating with us and sharing your thoughts!

To round out this month of Meta Mondays, the question we have today is Who is most likely to live off Instant Things? By instant things, I’m not just referring to ramen/frozen meals, but to things like instant delivery apps, instant on demand TV (ie streaming), instant taxi (Ubers), etc.

I think it would be Iruka because he needs a life of convenience. He isn’t able to do everything he needs otherwise. Needs to get somewhere: he’s booking that Uber, needs some food: it’s either the instant meals or ramen (or the food delivery if he can wait). For Iruka instant things are key to his life because without them, he literally cannot survive as he’s always on the go or needs to be somewhere, or is just too damn tired to be able to pull out pots and pans and preparing a meal.

But that’s what I think? What about y’all?


The trouble with all this month’s discussions is that I agree 100% with your view! Just looking at the question before I read the post, my mind answered Iruka.

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Great minds think alike?

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