Meta Monday: Who is more likely to work as a Barista?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! This month, the theme is: Coffeeshop AU! Today’s Meta discussion will begin our month long talk about all our Coffeeshop headcanons for KKIR!

And to start, here’s the first question:

Who is more likely to work as a barista?

I think it would be Iruka. I just like the thought of Iruka standing behind the counter and taking orders, smile on his face, apron tied around his waist, hair pulled back. I see Iruka working there during college as a parttimer to pay rent. Or as a side job to make extra money. Maybe he runs it too! Can you imagine, Kakashi walks in asking for a plain black coffee. Iruka makes him different versions using different beans, but Kakashi doesn’t care, and it frustrates Iruka who wants to teach Kakashi all about coffee.
The possibilities are endless!!!

But what do y’all think?


Oooooh let’s seee :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

I can see both of them working as baristas but slightly differently.

Iruka would be doing it as a side job. He’d, of course, be good at it but he wouldn’t be making a career out of it. He is loved by 99% of the customers (those who aren’t rude) and despite being in a customer service job, he would take no shit from rude customers and maybe he would prank them in a way that he would not get caught - like substituting to decaf :chrucheekydevil:

Kakashi on the other hand, I see him embracing the barista role. Maybe it is because of his heightened sense of smell, but coffee and tea are something he thoroughly enjoys. One day he wants to open his own coffee shop where he would roast his own coffee and he would start importing directly from farms around the world. He would also attend classes and fairs to further his craft :joukashiheartkiss: