Meta Monday: Who is Better With Laundry

New Monday, New Meta Discussion!

This week’s question is: Who is better with the laundry? Are Kakashi and Iruka like some of us, letting laundry pile up on the sofa instead of being put away? Or, do you think one or both of them attack the laundry diligently?

I think they’re both the kind to put laundry on the sofa and let it sit there until they have to run the washer again. Iruka is just too busy with all of his activities to bother with the laundry. And Kakashi? He’s too busy with mission to bother to care. And for him, it’s actually simpler to just take the laundry from the sofa before missions.

And I’m sure that habit will still be there after they get together. Cue Iruka tossing laundry onto their bed so Naruto has a place to sit when he comes over.

What are your thoughts? Are Iruka and Kakashi terrible at putting away laundry? Or are they on top of it?