Meta Monday: Who has the Better Fashion Sense

Who has the Better Fashion Sense

I didn’t know who to pick at first because well shinobi have no fashion sense? But then, I thought about it, and I think it’s Kakashi.

You might wonder how Kakashi ends up being the one with better fashion sense, but hear me out here. I think it’s because Kakashi wears timeless pieces that he looks good in and manages to make them look good. Besides, being best friends with Gai had to have rubbed something off on him.

Iruka in the meantime opts for comfortable clothing and whatever he can dig out of the closet. He’s always so busy that as long as he looks decent, and it’s clean, he doesn’t really care what he looks like.

I realize most people would likely say different, but I’m curious as to the reasons why. So, what do you think? Who has the better fashion sense?

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Ok so I would say kakashi and say that he had a DIRECT hand in the redesign of the uniforms in boruto era!
I think the new uniforms looks way better (other than them covering butts :joy:)
And I have this STRONG feeling that kakashi personally made the outfit for iruka in boruto era to cover him up so no one else sees him! Hahahahah. I actually love that outfit. The headmaster one. So I think kakashi designed it.
Iruka is… I just don’t think he’s fashionable. :joy: His genin and kid outfit is adorable but a DISASTER. HAHAHAH kakashi had a scarf. Like. Yes sir! :joy:

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Oh, I can definitely see Kakashi doing this. But what did he have to do to convince Iruka I wonder?

“hey babe, some of the clan heads thought the headmaster uniform was a little distracting and so I have this redesign for you to wear.”
“Distracting? The kids never mentioned…”
“Oh no not distracting for the kids…”