Meta Monday: Who buys all of Naruto's back to school stuff?

Who buys all of Naruto’s back to school stuff?

I want to say Iruka, but I thought about this for a long time, and realized, it would likely be Kakashi. See, Iruka is a teacher, so he’d be busy during that last week of summer break, when teachers are running around trying to get everything ready on time and kids are hitting the stores for that back to school shopping.

What this unfortunately means I think, is that every year, Kakashi gets the short end of the stick, and has to take Naruto shopping. At least Iruka would make it easier on them though by putting together a thorough list of school supplies the night before the shopping after speaking to all of Naruto’s teachers.

What do you all think? Who buys Naruto’s back to school stuff?


You make a good point, and I agree that Kakashi would buy it. Plus I hc that he has more money; and while he’s okay with spending it, he just never really had a reason to (until he met Iruka & Naruto); and buying school stuff is the perfect excuse.

I don’t think he would really know what he’s supposed to get besides super basic stuff, so he would just buy whatever is on Iruka’s list. But I think Naruto would also be able to convince him that he needs the latest & best brands, and some things he wants that aren’t on the list (eg. stapler & staples, tape, rubber bands, a set of kunai, a whole bunch of shinobi pouches he won’t have any use for until he actually graduates but wants just because they’ll make him look cool).

Although school is different now than when Kakashi used to go, some of the things Naruto asks for do sound logical to buy, and like they would be on the list, so he has no problem buying them for him. Eg. Hmm… I guess a set of kunai would come in handy for training; but what about the academy’s training weapons? … Maa, maybe Iruka forgot to tell me they’re not using them anymore because he’s in his final years a the academy & they’re transitioning the older students onto real weapons?

Cue Kakashi & Naruto arriving home with a whole heap of stuff, and Iruka (probably yelling) asking what the hell they bought & where all of Naruto’s school supplies are :joy:

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I can actually see this happening! Kakashi would frown at the things Naruto suggested and likely take him to the specialty weaponsmith and get him the better kunai and stuff too!

And Iruka would just be so angry when they came home. I expect him to confiscate some of it, let Naruto keep the rest, and then lecture Kakashi until he learns his lesson.

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