Meta Monday: Which Hogwarts Houses would Kakashi and Iruka be in?

Another Monday means another Meta Discussion!

This weeks’ question is: Which Hogwarts Houses would Kakashi and Iruka be in?

Well, I’m honestly surprised that this hasn’t been asked before. But to answer the question:

I think Kakashi would be a Slytherin. The traits of Slytherin are ambition, resourcefulness, determination, and cleverness, all of which I think Kakashi has in spades. While some of these traits may not be as prevalent in a mature Kakashi compared to a younger one, I think he still exudes all the traits of a Slytherin.
Kakashi is ambitious: when he was a child it was visible through his will to be the best and play by the rules. He is resourceful and determined to succeed in whatever may come his way. And he is clever: a man can’t learn 1,000 jutsu (or spells in the case of Hogwarts) without being smart and skillful!

Iruka: It’s a tossup between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff for me here. I can see him being a Hufflepuff because he’s got such a caring heart, and I can imagine all the fun he gets up to with the Hufflepuffs (I totally believe they throw the best parties) and sneaking into the kitchens and stuff. Besides, Hufflepuffs are loyal and the way Iruka is loyal to Konoha and its people and values reminds me a lot about how Hufflepuffs have always been loyal to themselves and the causes they believe in.
Then, there’s Gryffindor, because well, who else would be daring enough to prank ANBU and tell the tale (would ANBU be akin to Aurors you think)? And then there’s his always fearless way of acting: he’s brave and admirable: all the traits for a Gryffindor don’t you think?

But that’s just my thoughts. What do you think?


I would place Iruka in the Hufflepuff house. Seriously, I imagine him huffing and puffing at all the other houses for slacking off :chrulaughtear: especially at a certain Ravenclaw :joukashilaughtear: . Kakashi is intelligent, a strategist in battle, he can get a bit lazy at times too lol


Thinking of Kakashi & Iruka’s 10 year old selves is tricky.

I could see both being placed in any of the houses—one reason why sorting people according to one-dimension of their person is troubling.

Kakashi at 10 we know a bit about.
Slytherin: yes, he was ambitious as a youngster, but I wonder how much of that was his own and how much was pressure (overt or covert) from Dad and others.
Hufflepuff: Kakashi is also incredibly loyal—to Konoha and missions, even if not to teammates at this point. Perhaps this house is where he learns to value people?
Ravenclaw: Genius. You don’t learn and master 1000 jutsu without being clever. He knew a lot before he ever got that eye, and accomplished a lot despite it.
Gryffindor: In addition to ambition and cleverness, it also takes a great deal of courage for Kakashi to what he had as a youngster.
Plus, given Neville, I believe the hat sorts based as much on potential as current attitude and aptitude.

Iruka at 10 is a bigger unknown.
Slythetin: as much as pranking the ANBU shows courage, I think it also shows ambition, just in a different direction than Kakashi’s. Plus, given that his parents were jōnin, he may have had ambitions in that direction, even if they ended up unfulfilled.
Ravenclaw: Iruka is incredibly intelligent. He might not be the geniuses Kakashi and Shikamaru are, but his history of pranks points to the cleverness needed to pull one over on an alert and competent target. Actually, all my hcs of Iruka have him as very, very clever.
Hufflepuff: Will of Fire
Gryffindor: Also, Will of Fire
Plus, several of the points mentioned in previous posts for both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.


@JKirin @mt_nikolle : Apologies for taking so long getting back to you guys! I really liked reading all of your insights though, and I’m so glad the Meta Monday gave you two so many ideas!