Meta Monday: What Winter Olympic Sport would Iruka and Kakashi play?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! This month, we’ll be dealing with Olympic Sports! Over the course of the next four weeks, let’s talk about all our Olympic Sports headcanons for KKIR!

To start things off, we’ll begin with this week’s question:

What Winter Olympics Sport would Iruka and would Iruka and Kakashi play?

Last week was all about summer, this week will be all about winter!

Kakashi: Speed skating. I don’t know why, but I just picture Kakashi bending low on the ice rink, one hand behind his back, skating blades on and winning gold for Japan. Just an image that won’t leave me. So, Kakashi for me would be a speed skater.

Iruka: I think luge. Now, the reason I say this is because Iruka to me is always just enough of that daring thrill seeker to do things that are a bit dangerous, a bit out there, but succeed at them. And I think he’d like luge. It’s not competitive like the others because there is no opponent directly next to you. But there are opponents around you. And you don’t know how well you’re doing until you get to the end and hope your instincts have led you on the right path.

But that’s what I think. What about y’all? What Winter Olympic sports do you think Kakashi and Iruka would excel at?

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Freaking love the idea of speed skating for kakashi! Just like Apollo! Still arch frienemy Gai the rival speed skater hahaha.
I could also see the ski jump one for Iruka! FLY BABY FLY! That or like bob sledding. I don’t really see either of them on a team but Iruka more than kakashi. Not sure why! Kakashi works on teams…. But Iruka? Not reallyyyy.
Anyway that or Iruka is a coach for young naruto and kakashi’s old but still killing it and they meet hahaha


First thing thst popped to mind for Kakashi was curling: team sport requiring finesse and strategy. He’s the Skip. I’m not sure who is First and Third, but Gai is Second.

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After consulting the current list of sports, my other pick for Kakashi is Biathlon. I can see him taking the dogs out and going for a long ski and target practice.

My picks for Iruka are Freestyle Skiing or Snowboarding—for no other reason than I’d really love to watch that!