Meta Monday: What kind of gifts would Kakashi & Iruka give each other on Valentine's Day?

What kind of gifts would Kakashi & Iruka give each other on Valentine’s Day?

I had to think about this one a bit, but then I think I know my answer. To me, Iruka has always been the one who tries to keep up with dates and holidays. So, he likely would be the type to try to make chocolate (and fail and throw the disasters away) and find some roses, book a dinner reservation, etc.

Kakashi, being who he is would likely forget until Gai (or someone else) asks him about it. At that point, he would go to his ninken for advice and at least have a bouquet of some sort of flowers to give to Iruka. Maybe he’ll even try to use any favors owed to pull some strings and get a dinner reservation.

What about you all? What do y’all think?

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Ohhh. I think Iruka would spend his time making dinner preparations with home cooked meals, and invite kakashi over to his house. Or surprise Kakashi with valentine chocolates. All he needs to do is melt the chocolate, adjust the sweet level (almost making it 100%cocoa. Lol), and add some fruits or nuts. Nothing could go wrong, right? Lol

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As for Kakashi. Honestly, i saw a scene from a video game. I forgot what naruto game it was. But it was about rin’s birthday. Kushina got mad at the boys as they were planning to surprise her. In the end. Kakashi made a resolution to never play around the bush with girls. Is what he suggested to shikamaru…so i think kakashi would buy iruka a present, then would probably prepare him breakfast and surprise him with the gift

Maybe he would give Iruka something that would be useful to him as a teacher? Or an Onsen trip

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I meant to reply to this earlier, but didn’t get to!

That’s a nice thought! I can see Iruka now, throwing away batch after batch of burnt chocolate and staying up all night trying to make the perfect Valentines choco for Kakashi! And yes, Kakashi would do something simple. I think he would also cash in a few favors to get the onsen trip planned you know?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!