Meta Monday: What Job would Kakashi and Iruka have in a Harry Potter AU?

Another Meta, another Meta discussion. I hope y’all don’t mind that I’m going to do all the Wizarding AU Meta Mondays in the month of May?

This time around, the question is: What job would Kakashi and Iruka have in a Harry Potter AU?

I think for Kakashi its quite obvious to me he’d be an Auror, and eventually, take a rotational stint as the DADA Professor (cause how else would he meet Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura). And can you imagine the backstory one can create about his Auror days?

As for Iruka, he’d definitely be a teacher at Hogwarts. He might be a professor of Charms I think. He knows his way around many of them and I bet he’d be on par with the Weasley Twins in has mastery of the subject. And can you imagine how many pranks he’d be able to do with a mastery of Charms?

Oh, now I want to write this AU so bad, but I’ll hold myself back. What do y’all think though?


Literally yes. All of what you said yesssss I agree!!! I know this isn’t adding much but like you said it best haha.
I want Gai to be grounds keeper tho. So badly. Hahahaha. Sorry not kakairu but you already got them perfectly cast!

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