Meta Monday: What Basic Spells would Kakashi and Iruka use the most if they were wizards?

Another Monday means another Meta Discussion!

This weeks’ question is: What basic spells would Kakashi and Iruka use the most if they were wizards?

I think I’ll try to stick to a magic theme in May, and I hope y’all don’t mind.

For this week’s question, I’m going for a relaxed theme in choosing the spells. I think Kakashi would use a spell that helps his books float, because, let’s be honest here, holding a book in your hands to read can sometimes get tiring. Iruka on the other hand? I think he’d use a spell that allows a quill or pen to write what he dictates, though he would of course be quite careful to only buy the ones that properly transcribe his words instead of the quick quotes variety.

But what about y’all, what are your thoughts on this subject?



For Iruka, I think it might be a spell that either gives him eyes on the back of his head or one that allows him to listen in on all the conversations in his classroom—for purely academic reasons, of course! :wink:


Kakashi must be a master at the transportation spell…or he needs to be :laughing: and Iruka must use a repair spell 24/7 with all the kids he’s around.


I love the idea of Kakashi having a book floating spell. I can see him lazy back with his arms behind his head. Probably use it to turn the pages too.

I think Iruka would have a spell that creates a tone in his scolding voice that makes people do exactly what he says.


@13Bella : Yes I can see that. Kakashi needs to run away from Iruka for all the stuff he does. Or he uses that spell to arrive to their dates on time (or just a few minutes late).

@Kelkage : OMG yes, can you imagine the antics Iruka would get up to with that spell? Imagine all the pranking he’d do!

@mt_nikolle : oh I missed your answers! BUT YES 100% agree with Iruka’s fave spell.