Meta Monday: What are Kakashi and Iruka's differences in opinion on the life of a shinobi/ the duties of a shinobi?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion. As is the case with the past few months, we are once again doing a theme for this Month’s Meta Mondays. This month, the Meta Monday theme will be Differences!

By differences, I mean, each topic this month will focus on what are likely differences between Iruka and Kakashi, and what if any steps they take to understand the other’s differing opinion or view on something. That said, this month’s Meta Mondays might be long, and I hope I get to see a lot of headcanons!

This week’s question is: What are Kakashi and Iruka’s differences in opinion on the life of a shinobi/ the duties of a shinobi?

I think both of them would agree that Shinobi are meant to serve the Hokage and their nation, but I think they look at things differently regarding how far one has to go in fulfilling that job. What I mean is, I think Kakashi is ready and willing to go on the toughest missions and doesn’t think twice about taking that mission that has a frighteningly low success rate because “it’s my job.”

That doesn’t mean, Iruka doesn’t take these kinds of risks, but I think he sometimes wonders if he should be more assertive and ask if “so and so mission is really worth it.” I think he wouldn’t mind sticking up to the Hokage and asking then if that mission was necessary.

But I think in the end, if the Hokage asked it of them, and they knew that taking the worst mission would protect their loved ones, they would do it in a heartbeat.

What do you all think though?

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This is a really interesting meta!

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I think that maybe it can be the other way around too. Kakashi will indeed serve the Hokage and the nation but maybe not if it means sacrificing his team (though he would make that sacrifice in a heartbeat if it only involved him). He would do everything in his power to make sure his team returns safely, even if it means abandoning the mission. That being said, because of his exceptional skill level he does take on most missions without reflecting much on whether they are needed or not (especially those from within the village).


Iruka on the other believes very strongly in the will of fire and it is very much at the base of his teaching too. I suppose where he would draw the line would be with pre-genin but as soon as you become a genin he has a much darker or perhaps realistic view that being a shinobi comes with great risk. Perhaps he would accept that dangerous mission that is slightly above his skill level without question if he is the only one available - because it would be his duty. At the same time, I do think though that with Hiruzen, Iruka would speak more candidly and offer his views or ask questions and maybe that even transfers to Tsunade to some extent since it’s what he is used to, but I’m not sure if would apply to any missions he was assigned and rather to missions others were assigned (like sharing relevant information about graduates he knows).


Again, really, really, interesting meta and I think that it is quite possible to write it either version convincingly. I wonder how their view might differ at different stages of life too!