Meta Monday: Weirdest Taste in Music

Does Kakashi, or Iruka have the weirdest taste in music?

I think it would be Kakashi. During his travels on missions & stuff, he’s come across music from all different cultures, and people playing songs from all different eras – traditional, and modern; and he’s learnt to appreciate them all.

He always says that Naruto is unpredictable, but honestly, his playlists are just as unpredictable. He could be listening to Ed Sheeran one minute, then a traditional song from the Land of Lightning (or even one of Killer B’s raps :joy:), and then really getting into some screamo or rock, the next.

The thing is, he doesn’t know his playlists are weird – he just assumes that because he likes the songs, others will, too; so he has no hesitation in blasting his music at a party, when he has a get together, etc. Much to Iruka’s embarrassment.

Iruka appreciates all kinds of music, too, and is used to Kakashi’s eccentric taste, but he can tell when people are listening to a song just to be polite, and when they are actually enjoying it; and he’s a people pleaser, so he often tries to convince Kakashi to let him play his own music, instead, when there are guests.

His own playlist would probably consist of whatever he’s heard on the radio, and whatever songs his students are into, as those are the ones he’d hear the most; but he does check out song suggestions based on his playlists, every now and again, as well as playlists recommended to him – it’s the only way he can really explore music with the little amount of time that he has.

What do you think?