Meta Monday: Weirdest Facts

Who knows the weirdest facts?

I think Iruka knows the weirdest facts, simply because he works with small children every day, and I imagine that they are all inclined to tell him about new things that they’ve learnt, which are generally super random and obscure (and totally about dinosaurs, planets, uncommon animals, etc. XD).

He finds a lot of the facts quite interesting, and sometimes can’t wait to tell Kakashi when he gets home. Though sometimes, he doesn’t remember them until they’re going to bed, and he’ll just suddenly be like “Did you know there is a snail that lives deep in the ocean around volcanic vents, and its shell is made of iron?”, and despite how tired he may be, Kakashi will be too curious to ignore Iruka or just leave it at “Huh. Interesting…” or something like that; and they’ll end up talking for hours about it and other interesting things that come to mind.

Kakashi does know all kinds of things, too, but I feel like his brain would be wired more to retain important information like facts relevant to a mission, survival, etc., and all that other stuff he uses in daily life, as opposed to the random things that Iruka has learnt from his students. But in saying that, he does find said facts interesting, and loves asking Iruka about them & discussing the topic, and theories that may develop from the discussion.

What are your thoughts?

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I loved this!! I’m getting some serious domestic fluff vibes from this~
How do you come up with all these headcanons!? It’s amazing really, I enjoy reading them so much :heart_eyes:

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Ahh thank you! :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Honestly, sometimes I have no idea how I whip these up, because I can get so stuck sometimes :sweat_smile: But every now and again, the ideas come as passing thoughts; and when they do, I make sure to jot them down, ready for the days that my mind goes blank :grin:

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I feel like kakashi would have the weirdest facts because he’s been around more so than iruka has. Like just imagining the different places he’s been, the people he’s met there’s no way he doesn’t know some obscured, random, weird sometimes inappropriate facts.

On the other hand iruka would probably know some super cute, super innocent facts from the villagers or the children.

I imagine it would be a fun little competition between the two to see who could stump who the most with their different facts as their friends watch on with growing amusement /horror.

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That’s an interesting thought! Putting it like that, it’d be like Kakashi & Iruka both know a heap of super weird facts, just in different categories.

Like, as I said before, Iruka’s categories would be things that kids really take an interest in like dinosaurs, space, etc., and Kakashi’s would probably be about idk, lore & traditions in other countries & villages, unique facts from all over the world that you could only learn by going there yourself, etc.

And if that were the case, put him & Iruka together, and they would be unstoppable in Trivia XD

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But imagine them getting banned from any and all trivia events because of them being so good so they henge into different people to participate and then make it a game between the two of them to see how long the others take to find out it’s them!!

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