Meta Monday: Watching Horror Movies

Is it Kakashi, or Iruka, who gets spooked the most when watching horror movies? And how do they react?

I think they both get scared! Iruka will let it show - yelling, jumping, grabbing hold of Kakashi, etc.; and Kakashi is the opposite, hiding his fear & pretending his heart didn’t just jump right of his chest, and that he didn’t just get goosebumps along his skin.

Sometimes Iruka pretends he hasn’t noticed; but other times… Well… Let’s just say that Kakashi always keeps an eye out for clones sneaking around the house now hehe :smiling_imp:

Do you imagine something else?

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i love the idea of kakashi being scared of horror movies and iruka just being like “i work with children all day, every day. nothing can scare me.”

iruka would take pity on kakashi though after a half hour of kakashi trying not to get spooked and failing by curling up next to him or laying his head on kakashi’s lap. i like to think that just having iruka pressed next to him calms him enough and he enjoys the rest of the movie but not actually because what he enjoys is iruka’s closeness. because kakashi is a sap.


Ahh that is so soft & sweet! :heart: :two_hearts: And I bet the main reason Kakashi agrees to watching horrors, despite the fact that they really put him on edge, is because he knows he’s definitely going to get to cuddle with Iruka.

Heh. I wonder if the horror movie cuddles started before they started dating… :wink: