Meta Monday: Tutoring

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she’s unable to post the Meta Mondays for a bit, so I’m sharing her posts on her behalf! :lovebomb:

Another Monday in October, means we have a new Meta Monday Question for you! This month the theme is “high school AU,” and we hope you enjoy and chime in on our discussions on the subject!

This week’s question is: Who would tutor who?

Iruka hands down would be tutoring Kakashi who sleeps through class. Only, he realizes halfway through that the only reason Kakashi does so bad in class is because he’s too lazy and so he just sleeps in class. (insert emoji).

But then again, I like to think that Iruka does struggle in a subject or two himself, preferably math. And Kakashi being the genius that he is, aces the subject and makes Iruka swear up and down because, surely no one is that good?

But that’s what I think, what about y’all?

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I think Kakashi would make a terrible tutor. He’s never had to struggle with learning any of his high school subjects, so he can’t really understand how anyone else could and wouldn’t have the first clue how to help.

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Yes, the issue with being too smart.

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