Meta Monday: Trick or Treat?

Does Iruka give out treats on Halloween, or play pranks on those who knock on his door?
A. If he gives out treats, how does he stop Kakashi from getting to them first?
B. If he plays pranks, does Kakashi help him, or is he one of the victims?

Kakashi thinks he’s sneaky & knows where the stash is, but he forgets that he’s dealing with the ultimate prankster; and more often than not, he only ends up finding the decoy candy, which has usually been tampered with & is either spicy, salty, or ridiculously sour hehe

I think both. Kakashi certainly loves teaming up with Iruka & scaring the living daylights out of & pranking people (and might even encourage his mischievous nature); but no one is safe in Iruka’s eyes, and as much as he loves him, that includes Kakashi, too XD

What do you think? Do you have a different headcanon?


A: I don’t think Kakashi actually wants the treats, he just wants to be annoying. I totally agree that Iruka would have fail safes in place though. Kakashi should expect that by now, but he doesn’t. Falls for it every time, lmao.

B: Iruka would only play pranks on the older kids and adults, specifically his friends. They all avoid him on Halloween and he laughs at them, as if that would keep them safe. He might play small little tricks on the little kids, just to make them laugh. That is usually at Kakashi’s expense. Otherwise, Kakashi has learned to only encourage Iruka so much. He didn’t appreciate the bright orange hair he had to sport for a week before the dye finally washed out.


I think you are exactly right, there, about Kakashi not actually wanting the treats XD But now that Kakashi knows just how crafty Iruka can be, I bet, as well as being annoying, he tries to steal all the treats because he likes the challenge, and wants to see just what Iruka will come up with next. Though he still thinks he can outsmart him, hence all his confidence when he bites into what he steals (and Iruka totally has video cameras set up to capture Kakashi’s expressions every year XD)

Yeah, I can’t see Iruka really playing tricks on the little kids; but everyone else is fair game. I love your idea of entertaining the little kids at Kakashi’s expense; and I bet he gives them treats afterwards, too XD
Kakashi might not have liked his bright orange hair, but I bet Naruto did! lmao


A: I agree with you, @badger! being annoying is certainly at the top of the Kakashi motivation list. I enjoy the idea of the candy being filled with wasabi (bc I am unable to eat that) but I hc Kakashi with a strong olfactory sense - so maybe that increases the difficulty for Iruka! Reminds me of that person who wrapped chocolate-covered brussel sprouts and disguised as Ferrero Rochers for her dad to find…

B: I don’t know why, but I just thought of two pumpkin baskets - one trick and one treat. They both have candy, but the trick one would include a good number of decoy candies! but the candy are kinda better too, in the trick basket… encourages courage ;D it feels like something iruka might do for the younger kids (after he checks for allergies.)

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