Meta Monday: The Sports Jock

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she was unable to post it today, so I’m sharing her post on her behalf! :lovebomb:

Another Monday in October, means we have a new Meta Monday Question for you. This month the theme is “high school AU,” and we hope you enjoy and chime in on our discussions on the subject!

This week’s question is: Who would be the sports jock?

This for me is both, though, if I’m being honest, and had to choose one of them, it’d be Kakashi. That said, I could see the two of them representing their high school team in various sports, though, I do tend to think that Iruka doesn’t actively seek out the sports teams and clubs, whereas Kakashi does because he is just that athletic.

I think if Iruka does get into a sports team it would be the swimming, running, or cycling teams. I know technically Kakashi has a slighter build when you compare the two, but I like to imagine Iruka has that lean, muscular swimmers/runner’s body. Though, I do think he’d be more part of the academic clubs and student council instead of sports teams.

Kakashi though: he would be the jock all the way through. And I do mean that. The sports teams would be begging for him and often times he’s late to one team’s practice because he is at another teams. Some teams just invite him for the meets because he’s so talented they don’t have to worry about anything. It’s exhausting, and it unfortunately means he has a lot of fans and is popular in school, but Kakashi likes sports. I like to think if he and Iruka ever cross ways, it’ll be Kakashi trying to sleep his way through class (sports take a lot of energy), and Iruka cursing Kakashi under his breath for being so irresponsible.

But that’s what I think. What about y’all?

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I’ve always been in the group that leans more towards Kakashi being the sports person and Iruka as kind of the loner.
Not so much that Iruka couldn’t be good at sports, but more that he doesn’t try for them. And Kakashi… well he just does it because he’s good at everything. I could see him not even caring about the sport, and it’s more of he does it because it’s expected.

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