Meta Monday: The Blanket Hog

Is Kakashi, or Iruka the blanket hog?

I definitely see Iruka as the blanket hog when they are sleeping. Some nights he’ll slowly steal them when he rolls around in his sleep, but others, he’s a bit more forceful and yanks them, and in turn, ends up waking Kakashi during the process. Kakashi now sleeps with a spare blanket nearby for when he’s left to freeze.

As for blankets any other time, Kakashi has never expressed any particular interest in blankets when he & Iruka go shopping, and always claims that he doesn’t want one; but in winter, he can often be seen curled up on the lounge with Iruka’s favourite blanket (usually the softest one) wrapped around him, and he doesn’t normally want to share :sweat_smile:

What are your thoughts? Do you picture something else?

Bonus: Here’s some related art I recently saw on Twitter XD

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