Meta Monday: The Better Dancer

Is Kakashi, or Iruka the better dancer?

I would say it depends on the type of dancing. As a couple? They are the sweetest, and can both dance really well. On their own? When I picture it, I can see Iruka pulling off some amazing moves and looking super sexy, but Kakashi generally being really awkward, and not really knowing what to do.

He can dance, and learns things quite quickly, since he has the sharingan to help him copy the movements, but I think he freezes up on his own and finds it hard to let loose, so he usually ends up moving too stiffly, and looks like he’s never danced in his life.

As a result, he usually sits out at the club or a party; and while some of his friends worry that he’s not having fun, he assures them that he most certainly is…

Because why wouldn’t he, when Iruka was giving him a show like that? :smirk:

What do you think?


Omg I love your headcanon. Yesssss. I feel like kakashi only knows like dances that have set moves. Doesn’t have a lot of swag.
But I also don’t see Iruka as having many moves or being swaggy. Haha. This is the man who falls of bar stools. Like… He can’t dance to save his life. :joy:
That said he may not be great with set dances but he feeeels well and can just let loose and DANCE. Which kakashi cannot.
Now Gai in the other hand he’s swinging those hips all over in every type of dance! :joy:

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You’re probably right about Iruka, since he can be so uncoordinated sometimes, but I also feel like if he’s been practicing something for months (eg. a particular dance for their wedding), he will be good at it when the time comes. But if it’s been years since he’s done said dance (or even like, a month later :joy:), he doesn’t remember it, and can’t do it anymore, so he has to learn it again XD

omfg Gai totally would! Also, I could see Kakashi & Iruka going to him to get dance lessons since he’s so good and Iruka thinks he’ll be able to teach them to do the salsa properly; and Lee would be Gai’s partner. Except, Gai doesn’t know how to explain what they’re doing - he’s no dance instructor, after all, and dancing just comes naturally to him (and Lee is naturally good at mimicking him); so they begin with a follow along approach… But when they start dancing, they don’t slow down their movements, and neither Kakashi nor Iruka can keep up with them :joy:

Kakashi whips out his sharingan to try to learn, but it’s still not very helpful, because even if he can pick up what’s going on, he still has to teach Iruka, who is already uncoordinated as it is. Gai & Lee are completely oblivious to this, getting more & more into what they’re doing; and as they become even more enthused, their movements become much more complex, like that of a professional dancer, and they continue on with their routine, completely forgetting why they were dancing in the first place.

When it’s clear that Gai & Lee aren’t going to stop any time soon to teach, Kakashi suggests that he and Iruka just go home because he can teach them the basics there, now that he’s seen it with his sharingan :joy: (and they still thank Gai & Lee for helping out, because Kakashi wouldn’t have seen the moves with his sharingan if it wasn’t for them XD)

:joy::joy: omg gai would! He’s such a weirdo. But I can 200% see that scene in Canon. Gai and Lee just dancing like it’s taijutsu training and completely loosing sight of the plan :joy:
Kakashi gives up.
Iruka was barely there to begin with.
It’s all very Canon. Hahahaaha

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Yes! lmao And then when Kakashi & Iruka are gone, Tenten & Neji turn up because they’re supposed to have training soon, and they’re met with Gai & Lee doing salsa together (probably with no music, because they’re ‘feeling it in the dance’); and they’re like ‘wtf is going on?’, unaware that Gai was supposed to be giving Kakashi & Iruka lessons.

Gai notices that the rest of his team are here, and invites them to join in, because it’s a great way to stay youthful, and all, but also, because dancing is a form of training. Tenten & Neji politely refuse - they just want a normal training session, dammit!; but they are somehow still roped into Gai & Lee’s shenanigans anyway… As per usual :joy:

Also, as I was writing this, I came up with a really good fic idea that I just added to my WIP pile :eyes:

EDIT: I have actually started writing the fic now, and I am really annoyed because I’ve been trying to work on a new chapter of something that is well overdue, but my brain is like ‘Kakashi therapy & Naruto science bad, kakairu dancing good’ :sweat_smile:

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:eyes::eyes: hahahaha

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Definitivamente me los imagino bailando una canción lenta y abrazados en un rincón de la habitación alejados de todos y sumergidos en su propia nube de amor :ok_hand:

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Qué dulce pensamiento! :heart: :two_hearts:

bienvenido al foro, por cierto!

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