Meta Monday: Teaching Words To A Parrot

What kind of things would Kakashi & Iruka teach a parrot to say?

I think if it was a pet, Iruka would be the more mature one, and try to teach a parrot to say the generic things you’d expect it to say like hello, what you doing?, etc., whereas Kakashi would try to teach it rude phrases, and maybe compliments that it can tell Iruka throughout the day.

However, if the parrot was a class parrot, I could see it being taught quite a few swear words. Iruka would get mad the first time it said something rude, and would ask his class who taught it to say that; but no one will confess…

Then he tries to wheedle it out of Kakashi, thinking he might have snuck in to teach it something. But Kakashi only confesses to trying to teach it Icha-Icha when they have it at home on the weekends, and promises he didn’t teach it to swear; and now Iruka is really frustrated because he wants to catch the culprit to stop them from teaching the parrot swear words.

Then one afternoon, after school’s out, he’s at his desk, marking essays before he goes home, and he’s trying to decipher one that doesn’t make any sense at all.

“What the damn hell are they trying to say?” He mumbles to himself.

“What the damn hell?” The parrot echoes back.

Iruka’s eyes widen in surprise. He just learnt that he has been the culprit all along! :joy:

What do you think?


I agree with this 100 percent! :joy::joy::joy:

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