Meta Monday: Taking the kids trick or treating

Who would take the kids trick or treating?

I think it would be Kakashi. Kakashi isn’t exactly the biggest fan of Halloween, or taking the kids out, but when Iruka says “Trick or treating or handing out candy” he takes the option that doesn’t involve opening the door and handing out candy to strangers. Especially when it’s little kids who are intimidated by his presence (like that baby dressed as a pumpkin or the little kid dressed up as Kakashi who had a strong case of hero worship).

What do y’all think?


I agree! Kakashi would avoid seeing the kids I think. Haha. I think Iruka makes him go out actually. Because one year Iruka took the kids out and kakashi stayed home and he ignores the bell and read icha icha instead. All while just throwing the candy in a bowl on the porch. Hahaha. Iruka gets back and their house is egged because they ran out of candy (since some kid took the whole bowl) and the bigger kids were pissed and egged. Iruka is PISSED and kakashi is no longer allowed to be home on Halloween.


I can totally see this idea. I think Kakashi after a while would just tune out and ignore the bell because he’s had his share of kids for the night. And then of course, shenanigans occur. Also Iruka would definitely kick Kakashi out of the house on Halloween to make sure that incident doesn’t reoccur!

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