Meta Monday: Stray Animals

Is Kakashi, or Iruka more likely to bring home a stray animal?

I think it would depend on the animal for Kakashi. If it was a cat or more wild animal, I think rather than bring it home with him, he would just bring it food, treats, etc. and stop to say hello to it every time he passes through the area it lives in; and if it was injured, he’d take it to the vet rather than try to look after it himself. But I could see him taking in a dog. Especially if it liked him & tried to follow him places (which would definitely happen, bc it could probably smell the ninken on him, and sense that he’s a good person - he’s likeable, whether he wants to be, or not XD)

As for Iruka, he’s soft-hearted and compassionate at the best of times, so there’s no doubt in my mind that he would bring home every stray he came across; and if he had to rehome it later, he would feel upset because of how quickly he grew attached to the poor thing.

When Kakashi & Iruka finally retire and have more time to look after all these strays they find, I could see their property slowly transforming into an animal sanctuary XD

What are your thoughts?

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I saw this and started cackling. Kakashi would for sure bring home strays and Iruka would be like “no, we can’t” but one look at the cute face and he would melt. But Iruka! Iruka would also bring home strays and Kakashi would be like “you’re the one who says mo every time” and Iruka would be like “but look at it’s cute face! How can you say no to that?” But it would be like, that cutesy baby talk people do for animals.

Oh my lord, I just got an idea… Iruka would bring home “normal” animals - dogs, cats, etc. Kakashi would bring home things like raccoons and coyotes and such. And Iruka would be like “Kakashi, no.” Kakashi, while the animal is hissing/growling at him, “but Iruka!!”


I think that the cat that appears in 75% of my fics now was initially a stray that Iruka took in while Kakashi was on a mission. I distinctly remember writing the lines

Iruka turned to Kakashi, Soot cuddled up close to his face, “you weren’t home to talk about it. I made an executive decision. Soot needed a home and I decided we could provide it.”

Oh my god you are absolutely right!!! Kakashi would so bring all the wild things back home while Iruka grabs all the pet-type animals :joy: When Iruka says no to the wild ones, Kakashi would begrudgingly be like sigh “Okay, I’ll do something about it…” then like, 15 minutes later, in the yard, you just hear “who’s a good widdle bear? Papa doesn’t like you very much atm, but I promise you Daddy will get him to come aroun - oh, you like that? You want me to scratch behind your ears some more?”

And Iruka would be peeping from the window like crosses arms -_-, but his heart would be like :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: bc if he’s being honest, he kinda does want to keep the bear cub, too; but someone has to be the responsible one, and Kakashi clearly isn’t it XD


YES EXACTLY! I love this scenario so much :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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