Meta Monday: Spring Planting

Mod @kaoruhana has prepared this lovely Meta Monday for us, however she was unable to post it today, so I’m sharing her post on her behalf!

This week’s question is:

Who gets more excited about growing plants in Spring?

I’m going to actually do an intersting take on this one, and only write the answer from a time perspective of when Kakashi and Iruka are retired. I think Kakashi would enjoy this more. I just headcanon that after he has finished his work for Konoha, after all is said and done, Kakashi takes comfort in planting, in nurturing these plants the way he hasn’t been able to nurture other things. I think for him, the plants become his babies, his new “missions” and that he takes great pride in toiling in the vegetable garden and eating the food he grew.

I think Iruka would watch him from their porch, occasionally trying to help, but letting his partner have this thing. And Iruka would help with the harvesting. He would help tie up the tomato vines, make sure the creeper veggies are growing properly with Kakashi’s help, etc.

What do you think?


I just have to agree! For me, Kakashi is the more domesticated of both of them. I mean, we all saw Irukas attepts of cooking and we all saw Kakashi mastering dish after dish, so…

Also Kakashi would totally take his plants to docotor Yamato whenever he thinks they look anything than perfectly hydrated, clean and overall poppin!


Pre-retirement, I think neither. Because school starts in the spring, I think he’s just way to busy for this to even be a thought—even if he wasn’t living in that tiny apartment. Ditto for Kakashi–but he’s busy all the time! Also, I think even if Kakashi was interested, he’d be too frustrated by being unable to care for the plants through to harvest time to consider it worth the trouble.

Hmmm, on the other hand, maybe they both do: Kakashi because he usually gets to do the planting, Iruka because he gets to care for them over the summer months, and they both get to harvest in the fall!

On the third hand, I can see either, both, or neither enjoying this activity when they’re not so busy keeping Konoha together, together. The idea of planting something and being able to nurture it to full growth, then the harvest? And at a fairly relaxed pace? Bet they’d love it.


@kakairu-shrine : thanks for posting the Meta Monday this week!

@CorynHope : I love it. I can picture it now: Yamato showing up at a random hour of the day yelling about an emergency and Kakashi dragging him to the eggplant while Iruka snickers behind his hand. :chrulaughtear:

@mt_nikolle : the possibilities are endless here aren’t they? I like to think Kakashi needs something to keep him busy after retirement so he’ll use the plants as that “something to keep me busy.”

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@kaoruhana Oh my frog, yes! Kakashi even sends his ninken for Yamato when his eggplants are in danger of a dry leave!

And 100% is Iruka on probation because he forgot to water the plants last time Kakashi was away…


@kaoruhana this Meta Monday question was good! I just finished a ficlet that was inspired by the discussion XD

Thanks for the inspiration!
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Yay! I’m so glad it inspired you!

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