Meta Monday: Spoiling The Ninken

Who spoils the ninken?

I think Kakashi and Iruka both spoil the ninken, but Kakashi doesn’t consider it spoiling them… because he’s been manipulated by them over time.

He’s known the ninken most of his life, and trusts them completely, so when they say they need something, he’ll just get it for them, no questions asked. They need fresh, human-quality steak so they can ‘train harder and be better on missions’? You got it. They need a massage once a month because ‘the stiffness in their muscles will hinder their ability to work, and the strain could cause injury’? Kakashi will absolutely send them off on a spa day.

Iruka always tells him that they’re just manipulating him, but he feigns ignorance and doesn’t do anything about it, because the ninken usually don’t ask for much, and he thinks they deserve all the things they want :heart:

As for Iruka, he spoils them because he always falls for those puppy dog eyes. Even when they’re not giving him the look, they still melt his heart; and he just can’t help but go out of his way to give them extra treats when Kakashi isn’t looking, surprise them with new toys, and just generally shower them in love.

He knows that they’re fully trained shinobi hounds, but when they’re off-duty, he can see that they enjoy being normal dogs, and he loves watching them have fun and getting excited over normal dog things. Especially Pakkun, who likes to pretend so hard that he isn’t enjoying himself, even when his tail is wagging so fast it could almost be a propeller :joy:

What do you think?


I can see that. Though, I think Kakashi doesn’t spoil them as much as he gives them some love every now and then through treats and other things. He complains about them all the time, but it’s more affectionate griping than anything else. Kind of like how siblings act with each other.

Iruka though is that outsider who comes in and the ninken milk it for all they can. I’m talking expensive treats, lots of cuddling, couch time Kakashi won’t give them, etc. And Iruka doesn’t realize he’s spoiling them because he grew up an only child, so to him, having them around and spoiling them is just “what family does for each other Kakashi okay?”

And yes, Iruka will always fall for those puppy dog eyes!

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