Meta Monday: Secret Hobbies

What hobbies do Kakashi & Iruka have, that only the other knows about?

I think that Iruka likes to do jigsaw puzzles. It’s not a hobby he tries to hide, but since he does them at home, usually in his study, out of sight of guests, no one ever really sees him do them. It’s a good way for him to process things that are going on in his mind, whilst also keeping his fingers moving; and he always feels very accomplished when he finally completes his puzzles.

Kakashi doesn’t mind doing them, either, although he’s not as invested in them as Iruka; so sometimes, when he’s in the mood to do one, they pick a 500 piece puzzle to do together, usually in the living room while they’re watching TV. When they’re done, Iruka also likes to get them framed, though he doesn’t generally have them up on display, because the walls are filled with photos of them, their family, and friends, instead.

As for Kakashi’s hobby, I don’t think it’s any secret that he likes photography. The people in his life are important to him, and he’s a very sentimental person, so he likes to make as many memories with them as he can. But Kakashi being Kakashi, doesn’t know how to express this as himself, hence his need to disguise himself as Sukea to get close to everyone and be comfortable taking photos and filming them. Though I think he also claims to be a journalist as Sukea so he doesn’t look suspicious when he does it XD

Kakashi’s hobby may be the reason there are so many photos on the wall, and full photo albums, too XD Which Iruka loves, because he’s just as sentimental, and believes you can never have too many photos of the people you love!

What are your thoughts?


I think so. Kakashi would be a photographer. In addition to being able to get closer to his loved ones in a different way, becoming Sukea would allow him to leave Kakashi’s skin a little bit and what he need to be, to be what Kakashi is to everyone. Maybe a way not to fall into madness itself.

I can well imagine Iruka being a bit of an unacknowledged gossip. Taking an interest in Konoha’s gossip to leave his serious envelope of respectable teacher. I’m sure he’d sneak in and buy the celebrity magazines or send Sukea to do it. Then he would read them behind his history book during recess or during a surprise quiz! XD I’m sure he would even ask Kakashi to be a real paparazzi under the guise of Sukea.
Maybe Kakashi would even sell his pictures to make some easy money.
Kakashi would be his paparazzi and would bring him all the scoops and photos!

Are all of you agree ? x)


Ooh, I love those ideas! Iruka pretends to not be interested in all the gossip, but really, he’s the one who’s most interested; and I can definitely see him & Kakashi (or Sukea, I should say XD) being the reason certain stories get out hehe

But I think these days, I think he only does that when someone wrongs him, and they deserve it; and in the meantime, he just asks Sukea to bring him stories for him to enjoy all to himself, and to collect, ready for when he needs them… Never mess with Iruka, or you will seriously regret it - he knows things :wink:


Haha yes !

I like this way to see Iruka… the cute devil inside the sweet angel. :’)