Meta Monday: Road Trip Habits

What kinds of things would Kakashi and Iruka do on a roadtrip?

I think Kakashi would be the kind to play radio or a podcast, the kind of driver that ambles at his own pace, sometimes speeds past truck drivers, and waves to all the cops on his way. He lets Pakkun sit in the front seat, and at some point or another, one, or all, of his dogs are seen sticking their head out of the window, tongues wagging. Kakashi hates stopping at rest areas and only does so for the dogs. He doesn’t pack a full meal and instead has snacks that he keeps with him.

Iruka is constantly swerving to avoid the slow drivers, he has road trip playlists that he creates. He stops at a rest area every two hours if he can, and loves the feel of the wind in his hair for about five seconds before he shuts the windows to his car again. He doesn’t like taking people with him on road trips unless they are really close to him and even then there are strict rules on what one can and can’t do in his car. He has road trip snacks stacked and ready to go for the drive and is always prepared with emergency everything kit in the trunk (boot) of his car.

What do you think their road trip habits are?


Iruka would have mad road rage for sure. Not the kind to stop the car and fight or yell out the window but the ones who will make wild hand gestures, smacking the steering wheel, yelling so on so forth.

Kakashi would definitely just shrug it off and depending on what exactly th other driver did he’d be petty and send their info to his cop buddies.


I could see Kakashi being one of those people who prioritises his dogs over people, so if he’s travelling with Pakkun in the front seat next to him, he’ll make the person sit in the back :joy: Iruka is the only exception to this rule XD

And yes to all that about Iruka! He would definitely sing along to his favourite songs, too, while he’s on the road, and always has coffee with him (that’s why he needs to stop at all those rest areas! XD)

When he and Kakashi are travelling together, they take turns driving, but Kakashi drives the most, because long drives make Iruka drowsy; and when he’s in the passenger seat, he often falls asleep, and Kakashi prefers to let him nap. A well-rested Iruka is a happy Iruka, after all XD


Oh yes, I agree with you! Iruka would have road rage. And Kakashi being petty: I can see him doing that on occasion too.

@kakairu-shrine : Yes, the dogs always get priority! Pakkun always has shotgun privileges doesn’t he? Iruka would totally enjoy the coffee. He practically runs on it doesn’t he?

I love both of your ideas! Thank you for sharing them!

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