Meta Monday: Quidditch Position

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! If you’ve noticed, May’s Meta Mondays have had a “Wizarding AU” theme. For the foreseeable future, I’ll try to have themed Meta Mondays. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire more than one of us to write or draw something?

So, for the last of the Wizarding AU Meta Mondays, the question is: What Quidditch position would Kakashi and Iruka play?

I thought a bit about this question, and realized that the answer would be the same for both of them, at least for me. They’d both be beaters! I think even, if given the chance, these two would be able to rival the Weasley twins in how well they play together. To me Iruka has the power and anger to force those bludgers where they want to go. And Kakashi has the tactical eye to know where they are needed most. Can you imaging playing Quidditch with Kakashi and Iruka on the other’s side team holding bludgers? They would be one powerful duo!

But, what do you think?