Meta Monday: Pickiest Eater

Who is the pickiest eater?

I would say Kakashi. He grew up without parents early in his childhood, and learnt to cook quite quickly, rather than rely on his allowance for everything; and because of this, he was able to enjoy nicer meals from the get go, especially since he was able to catch his own food & eat everything fresh. He’s used to better quality food, and can really taste the difference now, especially as his own cooking improves, so if he knows something won’t taste too good, he generally won’t eat it, if he can help it.

That being said, if someone goes out of their way to cook for him, especially Iruka, even if he knows it’ll be bad, he’ll still eat it. Iruka knows when Kakashi is pretending to like something, so sometimes, when he’s annoyed at him, or just to play a prank, he will cook some nasty concoction just to see how long it takes before he gives up on telling him it tastes good :joy:

As a kid, Iruka had his parents’ cooking longer than Kakashi did; and growing up, he probably took it for granted that he was getting freshly cooked meals every day, and was kind of picky with some of the meals his parents made regularly (isn’t every kid a little picky? XD).

But when they passed away and he suddenly had to fend for himself, he couldn’t afford meals like ones his parents cooked, and couldn’t cook them for himself, so he grew a new appreciation for what he used to be fed - what he would have given to be able to eat his mum’s fried rice again, with the bell peppers, instead of this 90c cup ramen… again.

Now that he’s older, he’s really hit the jackpot, because he now has a boyfriend who is an amazing cook, and he gets to eat delicious food all the time :yum:

What do you think?

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Este post fue tan soft y se sintió muy canon :heart:

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